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Farming Skyview for Farmers and Landscape Managers

Farming Skyview Network
A low-aerial photography service to farmers and landscape managers.

Identify your need
Tell us what you would like recorded on video and photograph; crops, drainage, barns, hedgerows etc.

Camera Flyer
We will put in contact with a local flyer to arrange a time and place: weather permitting.

The visit
The flyer will come to the farm with their own equipment and fly over the specific areas. Video and stills will be provided to the farm after the visit. Farmers can direct the actual photographic process through the flying screen in order to gather the information they need.

Our network flyers take standard coloured video and still photography.

Skyview Network is purely a voluntary group using their own equipment to help farming and landscape management. We fly with a purpose and farmers benefit from the results.

Reasons for inviting flyers to your land
Why might farmers want aerial pictures of their farm?
Growth of crops
- ripening rates, drainage patterns, weed growth, disease spread, slurry spreading
Livestock - checking numbers, grazing patterns in fields for barrier fence grazing
Farm mapping - low cost way to map your farm for future development of tracks etc. and wild-life areas. One farm is having a record of their new dairy facility. Another asked for a low fly over barn roofs to check for damage.
Hedgerow monitoring and recording - low-flying along a series of hedgerows showed distribution of species.
Special events and publicity - the opening of a new facility, a visit from the local hunt, demonstrations of machinery, fetes and farm tours.

Farming Skyview

Fill in the details and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Our network is expanding so we hope to have a flyer in your region.

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