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Flight School

We would like to recommend
Phantom Flight School
as the logical next step to buying, upgrading, advice and learning to fly your drone.They have flight schools around the country. Lessons are for all abilities and are an hour well spent; particularly when the cost is refunded for every purchase you then go on to make over 750.

Phantom Flight Club

Join the Phantom Flight Club for free to receive the regular newsletter and free prize draw tickets for various drone related events. You also receive free technical support. There are Gold and Silver options too.

Commercial Work

As you know, currently drone-flyers who have not had the CAA permision to fly for commercial gain are not able to charge for their services. However, we are increasingly asked to fly at events such as cross-country races or farming demonstrations etc. and so taking the next step to full qualification would seem logical.

Phantom Flight School recommend
RUSTA for their formal training courses. This academy is the new centre of excellence for drone pilot training. Their course will gain you CAA approved National Qualified Entity for Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) certification which in turn will enable you to obtain Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW)

Drone Insurance
Further recommendation for all drone related cover is:

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