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Joining the Farming Skyview Network

If you have a flying camera, then join Skyview for opportunities to fly and film over private farming landscapes.

Members of the network will have invested a lot of time and money to make the most of their hobby and so the service options they can offer farmers will vary. In the main, we expect flyers to use action cameras like Gopro and where possible, gimbles as well for steady shots.

Our aim is to both enjoy our hobby, flying anf filming over farming landscapes with permission where required and to make an active contribution to farming and landscape management. Flying for a purpose..

As a member of the Farming Skyview Network, you will be invited by farmers and landscape managers to go onto their land and offer your aerial photography skills to provide specific information. This might be to film crops, survey hedges, make a farm map or for any of the many reasons that are emerging as word gets about. There are commercial companies offering aerial imaging who are professionally organised to provide specialist data; some with spectrum imaging etc. they will have acquired licenses and will be charging for their work. Farmers may decide that these organizations are exactly what they need and will contract them in. Farming Skyview is different and we hope just as useful on a day to day basis.

The Legal View
Farming Skyview flyers are all amateur hobbyists with 'copters etc. who can provide film and still photography imaging as and when required. We do not charge for our services and so do not need a commercial license although we do ask for a donation to cover travel and time on the farm. The amounts are down to individual agreement between flyer and farmer.
Assuming that you fly a 'copter less than 7 kg, most of the regulations do not apply but there are three main orders that do. These follow common sense and are expained well in the following YouTube video:
About the Regulations for Drones
The essential point to remember is that you fly with permission, you remain in control and with direct site of your drone and you do not endanger other people, animals or property. The problem incident like the one referred to in the video will show how reckless some people can be and such poor flying behaviour will spoil the enjoyment for everyone.

Please see the Flying Code for reference

In order to reassure farmers and landscape managers that you are covered for third party liability we ask that you are insured and have a policy to hand should you be asked to produce it.
We would recommend
FPVUK.ORG Their annual policy costs 15.80.

Joining the Farming Skyview Network

To join the Farming Skyview Network, fill in the form on this screen and we will contact and discuss exactly what you can offer.
We look forward to adding your name to the network soon.

Join the Farming Skyview network here.

Fill in the details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

About to Fly?

If you are considering buying a 'copter and use a flying camera, contact us for helpful advice and suggestions. We can recommend forums, suppliers and the collective experience of other flyers. The hobby is getting cheaper every day and there is much to choose from so you will want to make your investment as future proof as possible and keep within your budget.

Here is a book by
Matt Jarvis, a member of the network and we are pleased to recommend the advice he passes on.
Click on the image to visit the Amazon page where you can buy the book.

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