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About Skydown

Low aerial photography offers a wide range of opportunities to look down at the world and capture the beauty and interest from above; just above. Until recently, aerial photography has been from planes and helicopters which have a minimum height below which they cannot or unable to usually fly. This leaves anything up to the 400 feet level open to the growing range of ground-controlled flying cameras.

As with many evolving technical opportunities like drones, the regulations take a while to catch up. There are also some negative connotations associated with 'drones' in the conflict context and there are those who risk widening that reputation through careless and thoughtless actions which is why the camera flyers listed in the Skydown Galleries fly responsibly, following the agreed code and only fly with permission where needed.

We are always looking for new contributions. If you are a camera flyer and would like to present your images in a Skydown Gallery, please read through the Statements and Copyright Conditions below. If you are happy to accept these then contact us through the email form on the right. We will set up a transfer folder and would then look forward to receiving a selection of your images. You will see that we acknowledge photographers and that each gallery is named after a region or place for which there may be more than one contributor.

Statements and Copyright Conditions
Skydown is a non-commercial website. The images are not presented here for sale. Unless otherwise stated, all the photographs are taken by amateur enthusiasts who, whether or not licensed by the CAA, simply want to show their work to others. All contact details with photographers are available through Skydown on application by email but all further contacts and discussions between the photographers and any third party are entirely between them and nothing to do with Skydown.
A more detailed statement regarding the current perceived legal situation is available on the Farming Skyview website as well as the Flying Code of Conduct.

All images accepted for display on Skydown are assumed to be loaned on the understanding that they are the legal responsibility of the photographers and that any required permissions were acquired and that no established regulations were contravened. Skydown accepts no responsibility for any that are not so covered.

Images in the galleries are the exclusive property of the photographers and no image can be copied for commercial or non-commercial use in any way without the written permission and agreed terms between the photographer and any third parties. All copyright rests with the photographers who loan images to Skydown.

Contact Skydown here.

Thank you for your interest in displaying your low aerial photographs on Skydown.
Please fill in this form and you will receive an email with more specific information about image size and how to transfer to our server.

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